Spectralhead Audio Silverbox VSTi v1.0

Spectralhead Audio has released SilverBox, a VST 
instrument plug-in for Windows based on RolandÆs 
legendary TB-303. 

HereÆs what they told us about it, ôAt the beginning 
of the 80s, a new bass synth appeared on the market. 
Aimed at bass-guitarists, it featured an in-built 
sequencer with slides and accents. Only about a 
decade later did it become one of the most popular 
instruments in certain styles of acid, techno, house 
and trance music. Since that, numerous copies and 
software and hardware emulations have been born, 
which all try to grasp the character of this 
wonderful synth. We did our best to reincarnate this 
instrument as an authentic-sounding, convenient and 
easy-to-use VSTi plug-in. Countless hours were spent 
on analysis and measurements, with the goal of making 
the most-authentic sounding emulation. As a result of 
the research, SilverBox was born, 25 years after the 
creation of the machine.ö 

Features : 

Authentic monophonic analog bassline emulation 
Easy-to-use interface 
Oscillator with saw/square waveforms 
18 dB/oct. analog modeled multimode filter, 
lowpass/highpass/bandpass modes 
Sequencer with piano roll, accent & slide 
Variable pattern length (1-16) 
Advanced randomize functions 
16x oversampled distortion with minimum aliasing 
(soft, hard clipping, soft foldback, hard foldback) 
Optimized DSP code using SIMD instructions 
Customizable MIDI CC automation

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