Sonicbytes Pack

Phrazor is a virtual synthesizer workstation.

It comes as a standalone version and can also be loaded into any VST compatible host.
Standalone, VST instrument and effect version
Rack style GUI providing 64 tracks, each with 8 plugin-slots
Build reusable racks, sounds, clips Efficient workflow with full drag 'n drop support Find your racks, sounds and clips in the manager Move your work between systems (host/OS-independent fileformats) semi-modular routing, support for MIDI plugins
Horizontal mixer supporting sends and effect racks.
Full-featured sequencer with playlist, pianoroll/drumgrid and fullscreen-mode Intelligent live modes for playing multiple clips polyphonic, legato or arpeggiated Global and track states and a MIDI controllable songlist allow live-performances Works out of the box, synths/effects and a clip/track library included.
Sonicbytes Pack

Gat'R - Trancegate MultiFX

is a dedicated pattern-based gating effect. Rhythmic patterns are routable to amplitude, multimode-filter and delay modules in different combinations, or even sent outside to external synths and effects via Midi CC.
Sonicbytes Pack

EST - Sampling Groovebox VSTi

EST is the perfect mixture of phat-sounding hq-sampler and an advanced 12-row / 16-step-sequencer. The well-thought design with its clue editing and auto-composing features makes it easy to use, even for beginners. Professionals will find new inspirations and appreciate the modulation and automation capabilities. Live enthusiasts will love its midi-control features. The EST-Loop-factory comes as a VSTi-plugin, supports (optionally) multi-out and works well with every VST-Host.


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