DeLaMancha SLIX v1.01 VSTi VORTeX

Load any 4 loops, sync them to tempo, slice them up and then set probabilities that each loop will play and for each randomising effect per loop.
Even the randomness is randomised, with a parameter that varies the probability in a user defined
range. slix was co-developed with sink, who also provided the included 295 original loops

features :
 Load any 16, 24 or 32 bit, mono or stereo wav file into the 4 loop slots
 445 MB of original drum loop content (295 loops) by sink covering many electronic genres (breakbeat, dubstep, drum & bass, electro, 8 bit, lofi, vintage, IDM, FSU and glitch)
 Tempo-sync each loop by setting length in beats, allowing stretching or different lengths if desired
 Choose any number of slices per loop
 Slix plays when triggered by any midi note, with volume envelope per loop for fades
 4 effects with independent parameters per loop
. Reorder  plays slices out of sequence for variation per loop
. Repeat  stutter effect by repeating slices
. Reverse  play the slice backwards
. Gate  add silent gaps into the loop
 Variation range to randomise probabilities
 Normalise and mono options per loop
 Stereo-out and Multi-out versions (slix and slix 4x4)
 Single loop version (slix one) for simpler applications or lower CPU
 57 presets covering a range of sounds and styles

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uTorrent icon DeLaMancha.SLIX.v1.01.VSTi-VORTeX 364.8 MB

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