Audio Damage Dubstation VST 1.5

The DubStation plug-in is modeled on the 'bucket-brigade' style of vintage delay units, and has all the mojo that made those boxes great. Accurate down to the warm sound of the feedback loop and the low-fidelity character of the originals, DubStation is just what the (witch) doctor ordered.

DubStation is available as a VST effect for Windows, and as an AU/VST Universal Binary for OSX. Note that you must have OSX 10.4.1 or greater to use the DubStation PPC version or 10.4.4u or greater to use the DubStation Intel version.


* 4ms to 2000ms delay time.

* Accurate delay model that changes the pitch of the signal when the time is changed.

* Sync-to-host capable.

* Full MIDI learn mode, for MIDI CC control of every control (VST only; handled by host in AU version).

* Loop and reverse features.

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