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The latest, sickest tool in EDM
Midi Madness is an algorithmic melody generator, in AU/VST format for Mac OSX and Windows. Simply choose your settings and let Midi Madness create riff-after-riff for you. You can playback the melody in real time, and twist up your MIDI CCs too!

Choose your note weightings. Select as many notes as you want (or don’t want) or choose a pre-made chord. Midi Madness will show you the best chords to use in the sequence from the key you give.
Select how you want the velocities of the notes to be spread.

Choose your note lengths, and whether you want staccato or legato (or everything in-between!). Add a few rests to break up the riff.
Set your octave range, from deep basslines, to soaring leads, or have a wide range for some manic magic!
Add a little humanisation to take away that robotic feel. Have your riff groove along with the beat.

Version 2.1.3 of Midi Madness has been released, fixing an issue with the plugin not showing in Reaper in some cases.

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