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Learn five Steve Vai tracks note for note with Andy James and Jamie Humphries This superb 2 DVD set will teach you the fretboard pyrotechnics and superb melodic playing that define one of todays most influential guitarists. Die To Live The Boy From Seattle Juice The Animal Boston Rain Melody. I bought this DVD a while back and it has been a great challenge and a source of inspiration for new ideas for licks and tricks. It IS hard to work through but I would recommend it for any guitarist that's looking for something to challenge them technically and musically. I'm still working on it but its still fun even though I'm struggling with the faster sections!

+Boston Rain Melody
-Intro & Main Theme - Part One
-Main Theme - Part Two
-Main Solo - Part One
-Main Solo - Part Two
-Main Theme Outro
-Intro, Main Rhythm Riffs & Licks
-Rhythm Riffs - Variations & Licks Continued
-Pre Main Solo Section
-Main Solo - Part One
-Main Solo - Part Two
-Post Main Solo Section
+The Boy From Seattle
-Tuning Notes, Intro & Opening Chorus (Theme)
-1st Verse Section
-Pre Chorus & 2nd Chorus Sections
-Pre Solo Bridge Section
-Main Solo - Clean Section
-Main Solo - Overdrive Section
+Die To Live
-Intro, Main Section & Verse
-Solo Section
-Final Section
+The Animal
-Intro (Main) Riff
-1st Solo Section
-Pre 2nd Solo Riff & 2nd Solo Section
-Pre 3rd Solo Riff & 3rd Solo - Part One
-3rd Solo - Part Two & Outro Sections
-Boston Rain Melody
-The Boy From Seattle
-Die To Live
-The Animal

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