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Audirvana Plus is an user friendly audio player that is capable to import your iTunes music library, but can also scan specific folders and automatically integrate any new tracks. The player offers support for editing the track’s metadata, helps you create smart playlists, is processing the audio with 64bit precision to provide the best quality possible, and much more.

Audirvana has no equalizer, no trendy special effects, just the best sounding music

- Native playing of FLAC, libSndFile (WAV, AIFF, ...), ALAC and other quicktime formats (AAC, MP3, ...)
- Direct sound path, directly to the !CoreAudio HAL for pure bit perfect sound
- Audio Device exclusive access mode
- HAL I/O using DAC native physical formats 'Integer Mode' (instead of CoreAudio 32bit float)
- Automatic sample rate switching
- Up/Oversampling capability
- Plays completely from memory
- Tracks are loaded, decoded and sample rate converted in a memory buffer before being played
- Minimizing CPU and hard drive activity to lessen sources of interference
- Gapless playback by using a double buffering mechanism (playing track and next track)
- Transparent split load for loading tracks of any size
- Background tracks loading/decoding (including sample rate conversion)
- Playlist (m3u & m3u8 formats) load/save
- Handles Apple IR Remote
- Automated updates downloading (using Sparkle)

What's New Version 2.2:

This release brings the server capabilities to be controlled by A+ Remote, the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch app to remote control Audirvana Plus.
iTunes integrated mode: Disengage automatically to let iTunes play directly DRM-protected files (.m4p)
Add Luxman DA-06, Wadia di122, Devialet (from firmware v8) to whitelist of automatically recognized DSD-capable DACs
Display play queue total # tracks and time
Add and modify toolbar at bottom of the hierarchical list of playlists
Audio volume icon and value in dB
Rename 'Libraries' to 'Sources'

Bug fixes:
Fix setting another album with same title but different album artist not working when editing single or multiple tracks metadata
Fix sync not creating correctly album with same name as existing, but different album artist
Fix deleting one track in play queue was also deleting all the other occurrences of the same track
Add Artist as a criteria when searching 'All' in the Albums
Several other minor fixes

- Mount image and drag the application icon in the Applications folder

Block outgoing connections (Little Snitch, Hands Off!.. or something like that)
Disable automatic update checks

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