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In this two-hour DVD, David Taub from Next Level Guitar, breaks down and explains in an easy to digest format the all time Santana classic 'Black Magic Woman'.

This is the full on song lesson and when he says 'full song lesson', he means it.

David will teach you all the song parts - intro, chords, verses, rhythms, outro, strums & strum patterns, embellishments, full guitar solos, electric piano licks, and more.

You will learn the techniques as well as the song, so then you can blast them all across all your playing and practicing. Plus he'll teach you all the tricks and tips on how to cop the feel of the song.

You will also learn the theory behind the solos, what scales and modes are used in the song so you can also practice and improvise on your own.

This song is a feast for the lead guitar player!

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