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TEAM AMPED 2015-08-15 | 1.4 GB

National Instruments sound and vibration software provides a complete software solution for all Audio, Noise and Vibration, and Machine Condition Monitoring applications. Based on an open analysis capability and a flexible measurement library, the NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite and NI Sound and Vibration Toolkit present a unique software-based measurement approach to creating customized applications.

The Sound and Vibration Assistant offers the ability to continually interact with live data, so you can vary analysis settings on the fly while logging data to disk for more analysis later. For example, you can vary the weighting and bandwidth of an octave spectrum while recording sound level data or adjust the window applied to a power spectrum while trending overall vibration readings. With Universal File Format (UFF58) file I/O support, you can acquire data from 24-bit NI dynamic signal acquisition (DSA) devices, including USB DSAs, and then share it easily between other commonly used sound and vibration analysis applications including modal analysis software.

The latest version of the toolkit features LabVIEW Express VIs for AES17 audio filtering. In addition, it includes power spectra, frequency response, ANSI and IEC fractional-octave analysis, and distortion measurement configuration-based Express VIs. You can quickly and efficiently begin applications with more than 50 ready-to-run LabVIEW example code bases provided in the Sound and Vibration Toolkit.

Compare NI Sound and Vibration Analysis Software
For a complete list of analysis functions available in both the NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite and Sound and Vibration Toolkit, view the data sheet under the Resources tab.

  • Stand-alone configuration-based analysis and data logging with the Sound and Vibration Assistant
  • AES17-compliant audio filter signal processing
  • Easy-to-use power spectrum, swept sine, and octave analysis steps
  • Sound level with A-, B-, or C-weighting and vibration level with integration
  • Audio measurements including THD, SNR, SINAD, and swept-sine analysis
  • Universal File Format (UFF58) file I/O support


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