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How would you describe the special sound of a Gretsch semi-acoustic guitar? Crystal clear with an enormous amount of 'twang'... Think classic surf guitar like Duane Eddy or the retro sound of the 90s featuring songs of Chris Isaak.

Such an electrifying guitar experience was missing in your software sampler - until now! Our Hollow Body Guitar Collection opens up a whole new world of electric guitar sounds for your personal 'film noir' soundtrack - samples of a Gretsch Nashville electric guitar in its classic in -between pickup setting utilizing its heavy vibrato! The whole thing went through a Fender tube reverb unit for that authentic vibe and then through a Carr Rambler tube amplifier. Of course tube mic'ed and recorded through a Chandler Germanium preamp.

Too much guitar talk? Don't worry - one chord says it all! So - just listen to the demo. Single notes were sampled chromatically with 32 different layers of each note plus many guitar noises, chords and muted notes!

Recorded in 96 Khz and 24 bit resolution, the signal was downsampled finally to 44.1 Khz for normal use (16 bits in the Giga version).

The set also includes ready-to-play presets for Steinberg's Halion, Logic's EXS24 and others, or can be ordered in the Giga format. Smaller versions of the presets are included, too.

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