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Learn the amazing surf guitar techniques of some of the greatest surf guitar players of all time. And you will also learn the techniques they employ and about all the gear to get that trademark vintage surf tone.

Throughout this DVD series you will also learn how to use effects like reverb and delay to get trademark surf tones. Learn techniques like double picking, flutter strumming, arpeggiating rhythms, open string riffs, and tremolo arm use. You will also learn many new strum patterns, picking patterns, and all kinds of different and interesting surf guitar rhythms.

Surf guitar is so much fun to play and with these lessons you will be rocking it out in no time. Throughout these lessons you will also learn how to dress up and embellish your playing. For example, you will learn how to embellish open and bar chords by manipulating notes within the chord with your fret hand. This really adds spice and interest to your playing. Learn all the tricks of the trade with Next Level Guitar by your side for every lick and rhythm.


DVD Intro – in this DVD introduction we discuss the coming lessons and the format for the Surf-Rockabilly lesson series. We go over the topics to be covered throughout the series and we also go over the tunings used in the lessons and the styles that will be covered throughout the coming materials.

Surf Tone - this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

1. Surf tone and picking lesson – in this lesson we discuss surf techniques like picking, double picking, reverb effects, and rhythm. This lesson will help you to dial in that trademark surf tone. All picking patterns are written out in on-screen text and examples are played at slow and regular tempos.

2. Tremolo arm bending lesson – in this lesson you will learn how to get some cool surf sounds using the tremolo arm and some reverb. This use of the tremolo arm helps gives that trademark classic Surf sounds. Learn how to use the bar while strumming and pre-bending the arm. Learn a cool practice progression using these new techniques. Tons of fun and killer sounds too!

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