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In classical Indian music, ragas are the melodic foundations for improvisation and composition. Similar to scales in Western music, ragas consist of a specific series of notes (in some cases differing in ascent and descent) but they also call for characteristic musical motifs and embellishments.

The word ‘raga’ translates to ‘color’ or ‘passion’ and the performer sets out to create a mood or atmosphere (rasa) that is unique to the raga in use. Traditionally, ragas are associated with specific times of day and seasons of the year, and there are hundreds in present use today. John McLaughlin, Derek Trucks, George Harrison and John Fahey are just a few of the guitarists whose music has been influenced by Indian music and ragas.

Why will you go Gaga for Raga? Fareed Hague and Indrajit Banerjee have cooked up one of the most unique learning adventures that we’ve ever produced here at TrueFire, and you’ll be fascinated with their curriculum whatever your level or preferred style of music. You will also graduate their course with a palette of new harmonic and expressive approaches that you can spice your blues, jazz and rock solos with.

'I play the Sitar and I play the guitar, but because of some brain blockage of my own, I was never able to transfer one technique to the other. Fareed in just the first example opened up a new world for me and let me transfer some of my love of sitar to the guitar. I think most guitarists are afraid of Indian classical music because they have the mistaken impression that it is based on micro-tones and completely different scales than western music. These lessons help show in an easily understandable way, how some of the concepts of Indian classical music can be transferred to the guitar, within the context of what most guitar players are already familiar with. Besides letting me explore some ragas now on the guitar, it certainly expanded my knowledge of the guitar fretboard which will add some more individuality to my playing. Thanks Fareed and Indrajit!'
- Dickie N., TrueFire Student

Fareed and Indrajit have organized the course into five sections. Each section features one of five ragas: Hamsadvhani Raga, JOG Raga, Bairagi Bhairav Raga, Bhairavi Raga and Todi Raga.

For each of the five ragas, Fareed and Indrajit will first demonstrate the raga, give you some background on the raga and then Indrajit will perform the raga in a traditional format, on the sitar.

After the performance, Fareed will show you how translate the raga and their fingerings, notes and ornaments (embellishments and expressions) to the guitar. Following those demonstrations, Fareed and Indrajit will then improvise over a traditional track composed for that particular raga.
Understanding the background, harmonic make-up and ornaments of each raga equips you with the toolbox that you’ll need to ‘raga-ize” your blues, jazz and rock solos. To demonstrate how to do just that, Fareed includes three Raga-Ize Tips throughout the course demonstrating a variety of approaches for spicing your improvisations with your Raga toolbox.

“While there are hundreds of different Ragas, in this course we’ll show you five essential ragas and some of the sounds that are very useful in western music applications. First, we’ll demonstrate the sound of each Raga thru a simple melody that typifies that Raga, composed by Maestro Banerjee. Then we’ll show you how to ornament that melody with a few typical bends, glides and shakes. Lastly, we’ll play the melody with ornaments, over a groove, and jam!”

Fareed and Indrajit generously include many charts, transcriptions, tab and notation for all of the key examples, plus you’ll also get all of the jam tracks to work with on your own.

Grab your guitar and get your click on to go Gaga for Raga now!

Truefire - Fareed Haque
Truefire - Fareed Haque

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