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Every genre has its own way of approaching production, and producing Heavy Rock or Metal is no exception. Metal production guru Brock Jon shows you how to dial in big, powerful tones for a crisp, Modern Heavy Rock Production on any DAW.

Brock uses three different songs as demos for this production series so you get a taste of some of the different flavors of Heavy Rock that’s out in the wild. He then gives you an overview of the songs, and lays out his goals for the series.

Moving on, Brock explores the production techniques used in each of the songs one at a time, carefully analyzing the produced sound of the Drums, Bass, Guitars, and Vocals, and shows you how each of the tones were achieved.

Finally, Brock explains the Master Buss Processing that was used on each track, giving them their final, professional sheen that listeners expect in modern heavy tracks.

Whether you’re just getting started producing heavy tracks, or you’re an established producer of Heavy Rock and Metal looking for some fresh techniques and perspective, “Modern Heavy Rock Production” is for you!

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