Seer Systems - Reality v1.53 - Radium (Win/Mac)

Seer Systems - Reality v1.53 - Radium (Win/Mac) screenshot

20-12-1998 | Radium | 118 MB

Reality is a software synth capable of realtime polyphonic performance. Features: PCM (sampling, wavetable), Subtractive, FM, Physical Modeling, Waveguide, Modal synthesis, loading wav files as sample source, reverb, chorus, Soundfont support, 128 voice polyphony (based on cpu), midi file
player, and compatibility with DirectSound soundcards

Opinions : When Reality 1.0 first came out it was only compatible with . SoundBlaster soundcards. The situation is a little better now, but from our tests, theres still a very large number of people who wont be able to use it. Aside from that, i think Reality is fairly good and feels quite similar to using a regular synth. Very responsive. The interface is ok, but could be improved a little. There arent a lot of polyphonic softsynths available to compare except Generator... I find Generator better for sound design, but Reality is great for easy use and realtime
performance. Reality is definately worth trying out!

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