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Capo is THE practice app for guitarists and musicians. It is a revolutionary tool for those who want to get better at playing the music they love. Capo will automatically detect and display the chords in your songs, allow you to transcribe notes, slow down your music without affecting its pitch and much more! With its easy-to-use, award winning interface and sophisticated technology, no longer will you look through your favourite bands music wondering what you can learn but rather what you want to learn next.

• Use Capo’s “mastering-quality time stretching engine” to speed-up or slow-down songs without affecting pitch or song quality.
• Transpose songs and see the chords adjust automatically.
• Utilize Capo’s effects to better hear parts of the song you’re trying to learn (mono, graphic equalizer, vocal reduction)

• Set regions for looping using Capo's built-in beat detection engine.
• Use Capo’s speed adjustment abilities when looping to help you practice a particular part of a song repeatedly until you can play it perfectly.
• Add a metronome to keep you in time during practice, or to count you in before your loops.

• Capo’s “Chord Intelligence' engine will automatically detect the chords in your song – giving you a head start.
• Easily edit, add or correct any chord detection results that come up short.
• Utilize Capo’s Spectrogram to add notes generating tablature of solos or other detailed parts of the song.
• Easily change the notation from guitar to bass, mandolin, ukulele or 5-string bass chords and/or modify the tuning.
• Add a ‘virtual capo’ at any fret.
• Lefties...we got you covered. Easily flip the display of the chord boxes for easier reading.

• Export pitch- and speed-corrected audio for use outside Capo, as well as its chord and note entries for use in scoring or other MIDI-compatible applications.

• Save your pitch and speed settings, as well as your region, chord, and note entries, in self-contained Projects so the next time you want to practice you can pick up where you left off learning.
• Share your Projects using email, AirDrop, Messages, or simply by copying a file to another Mac to collaborate with students or other band members.
• Synchronize projects via iCloud.

What's New in Version 3.3.1
• General UI Improvements! We've flattened up the UI for Yosemite while still retaining some visual compatibility with Mavericks
• New 'Drag Song Here' window with a nifty loading animation
• We gutted and overhauled the 'Welcome Window' and removed the in-app video playback
• Restored the ability to display the current time in the Heads-Up Display. Click on the current time in the display to switch between bars/beats and time
• Related to the above, you can also 'Go to' a specific time by choosing Command > Go To Time… from the main menu. This command is mapped to Command-Shift-G unless something else is already bound to that keystroke
• Improved the metronome sounds using the same samples that were created for iOS. They're now louder and clearer than what we had before
• Changed the piano feedback sound to an acoustic guitar to better match the feedback heard in the iOS version of Capo
• Capo now shows the status of the Music Information Retrieval process in the Heads-Up Display area, so you can see the progress of the waveform, spectrogram, chord detection, etc. processes
• Capo now (finally) reveals its project folder in iCloud Drive
• You may now restore the default key bindings in the Edit Commands window

Bug Fixes:
• The 'Drag Song Here' windows should no longer stick around when documents are loaded
• Fixed some issues with showing/hiding the song settings sidebar
• When a chord with a modified shape is dragged, its shape should now be retained properly
• Eliminated some crashes that could be caused by invalid audio files
• You can now dismiss the chord popover with the escape key, or by pressing return to select the current entry
• The selected 'default instrument' is once again persisted when creating subsequent documents
• Instrument changes are once again opted into undo/redo
• When the search field in the chord popover is 'unfocused', it no longer shows a visual glitch in Yosemite
• Changes to chord shapes can be undone properly now
• Corrected awkward text wrapping in welcome window
• Fixed a crash that occurred when the trial noise began in the audio output
• The effects backgrounds no longer draw inset from the borders
• Improved alignment in the HUD display
• Fixed a bug that caused the chord chooser display layout to mess up when modifying the search string too quickly
• The toolbar buttons no longer repeat when held down
• Fixed the font used in the note overlay in the spectrogram
• Capo no longer plays 'stale' audio data after seeking in the song
• Corrected a font rendering issue in the speed/pitch switch
• Made a small improvement to the window resize performance
• The speed callout should no longer 'slide in' when it first appears
• Clicking 'minimized' regions should no longer cause them to disappear
• Corrected an issue that created audio artifacts when starting playback
• Fixes the top user-submitted crashes. Thanks for your submissions!

Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor

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