Guitar World DVD's - Learn Shred Guitar Vol 1&2 - Michael Angelo Batio (2015)

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23-08-2015 | 7.2 GB

In the ultimate Learn Shred Guitar DVD Combo Pack, speed king Michael Angelo Batio teaches you the secret techniques to tackle super scales, play fast, and become a speed king. This two-disc DVD combo offers more than 3 hours of lessons and hundreds of exercises.
You get:

Learn Shred Guitar Vol. 1

The Ultimate Warm-Up
Harmonic Minor/Phrygian Dominant in Odd Meter
Incorporating Sweeps into Melodic Ideas
Prog: Soloing in F-Sharp Phrygian
Scalar Riffs: Dividing Scalar Runs into Three-Note Groups
Sweep Picking: Using Sweeps in Conjunction with Arpeggiated Melodic Ideas
Using Wide Stretches with Unusual Scales and String Skipping
The Whole-Tone Scale
and much more!

Learn Shred Guitar Vol. 2

Elegant Shred: A Classical-Style Etude for Rock Guitar
Sleight of Hand: The Over-Under Fretting Trick
Take Your Pick: Flatpicking and Hybrid Picking
Odds or Evens: Incorporating Odd Meter into Heavy Riffs
Economic Crunch: Using Economy Picking to Play Arpeggios
Mode Swings: Applying Modes to Different Tonal Centers
and much more!

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