Divergent Audio DRUMVERSE v1.0 KONTAKT-0TH3Rside

Divergent Audio DRUMVERSE v1.0 KONTAKT-0TH3Rside screenshot

Team 0TH3Rside | 17 July 2018 | 2.77 GB

Theres not alot of info on this kontakt build , so I will offer up a bit of detail about this wonderful kit for KONTAKT format.
The drum set is recorded in a small home studio , its recorded very , very RAW ! I mean these drums are REAL , and CLEAN , and true to what a drum set should sound like.

The kontakt build of this drum kit is a very simple interface designed by 'Divergent Audio' . Its complete with a nice graphical drum kit on the front GUI , that is actually setup to be demo by striking each drum and cymbal in the GUI picture. As well , the slip page offers up a neat and tidy mixer for setting up each seperate drum / channel ; volume , EQ & other setting are done here.


2.88 gig / Kontakt FULL v5.5 - (Not suitable for Kontakt Player)
Complete drum kit; a 5-piece shell pack and 8 cymbals.
Dynamic hits; 5026 raw unprocessed samples (3095 MB lossless compressed)
for different velocity values over a 12 channel strip mixer.
Advanced sample randomization; the same sample rarely plays twice in a row.
Internal mixer with basic sound manipulation including multiple output routing for
advanced use in a DAW.
Mixer contains an extra chamber channel strip where snare hits have been recorded
through an authentic echo chamber in Atlantis Studio in Stockholm.
Volume sliders for adjusting the amount of spill for each OH/Room microphone.
Each drum/cymbal is unloadable to minimize RAM usage.

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