¥ung Moon - Thot Control Kit WAV MIDI [FREE]

¥ung Moon - Thot Control Kit WAV MIDI [FREE] screenshot

WAV | 152 MB

It warms my heart you have chosen to listen to these sounds over all others in the world. Not only have they saturated your ear drums like warm piss in the underwear of all 'EDM Trap' fans when confronted with peer pressure to use actual hard drugs or when considering the prospect of placing a kick somewhere besides the safety of the 'X.1' or 'X.3' points on the grid; you will hopefully spread them into the world recklessly, coercing them on those who were merely curious enough to hit the play button.

Like you, I also excel at expressing my emotions to the world so much more clearly through a natural medium (beneatht the warming glow of a dumb hard 808), where I can spend as long as I need for planning, turning knobs and pressing buttons into a 2.5 minute, loud and concentrated assault on my peers, as opposed to the stressful immediacy of typical human communication. I hope this pack helps you in further removing yourself from the latter and helps you capture that savage beauty trying to claw its way out of your skull and into your soundcloud, rather than releasing it in a torrent of automatic cartridges at the next large social event in your area.


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