Groove3 Novation Circuit Mono Station Power Start TUTORiAL

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FANTASTiC | 21 July 2018 | 493 MB

In this video tutorial series, Novation pro Josh Bess delivers a collection of tutorials designed for newcomers to the Novation Circuit Mono Station. Watch and see how to get going and make some music fast, with this awesome mono synth and sequencer!

Josh starts by welcoming you and talks about what will be covered in the video series, and then jumps right in with all the important basics, such as powering on and connecting audio, choosing patches and playing notes, using note and scale modes, building a note sequence, and how to utilize the velocity, gate, and glide features.

Next, Josh breaks down how to use and customize the Circuit Mono Station pattern settings, the steps to mix oscillators, use paraphonic mode for 2 note chords, and how to create two different sequences with each oscillator. You’ll also explore the sub and noise oscillator sections, using the ring modulator, and sculpting your synth tones by utilizing the powerful filter section.

Moving on, you’ll discover all of the other features of the Circuit Mono Station, including the modulation matrix, LFO and Pitch section, ADSR controls and envelopes, creating sequences, saving patterns and patches, and much, much more.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you are just starting out with the Novation Circuit Mono Station, or just want to know what it can do, this is the series to watch… Checkout “Novation Circuit Mono Station Power Start” today!

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