Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio Edition v4.1.3.9 Antitrial-V.R

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TEAM V.R | 22 July 2018 | 21.78 MB

Finally you can work with confidence on the setup you have. Sonarworks Reference 4 removes unwanted coloration from your studio speakers and headphones, so you can trust that you hear your mix accurately.

Reference 4 Studio Edition offers the full package of highly powerful software, providing consistent reference sound both in the studio and on the go. Measure your studio with a measurement mic, it takes around 10 minutes. Reference 4 then creates a calibration profile. For headphones select a pre-made profile, and you're ready to go. Calibration can be run in DAW via plugin for lowest latency or via Systemwide for maximum versatility.

Reference 4 Studio Edition includes:

•Speaker measurement software - find out where your monitors need help
•DAW plugin - reference sound combined with zero latency for any musical endeavor
•Systemwide - apply calibration to all outgoing audio

0. run Reference4Setup.exe & install software via Internet connection
1. register with any email
2. activate trial & wait while downloaded the headphone profiles*
3. apply antitrial

Team V.R

* - because the profiles are encrypted for the this hardware ID, they will not be valid for any other computer.
Also don't use the Offline installer - he does not download and does not install headphone profiles.

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