Audified STA Delay VST VST3 AU AAX v2.1.0 MAC/WiN

Audified STA Delay VST VST3 AU AAX v2.1.0 MAC/WiN screenshot

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'Warm Delay for Everyone'
A classic effect creating delayed repetitions of the incoming signal enriched with the warmth of the Summing Tube.

The STA effects are primarily designed for using as insert effects as there is the tube summing process inside the plugin. You have an option to use STA effects as parallel send FX as well, but you need to activate the WET ONLY mode.
STA plugins are calibrated to -9dBFS by default, so you need to set the LEVEL IN properly to get the gain staging right and to hear the magic of tube saturation. While you are done with the proper LEVEL IN setting, you can compensate the overall level change by the LEVEL OUT parameter setting.
There is some low frequency noise in some tube modes. It is a natural result of the tube configuration we are using in STA. We are making our plugins as real as possible with all the natural analog feeling and side effects.
The Phase invert is also a natural result of the STA technology.

STA - Summing Tube Amplifier - uses two signal paths, one is processed by modulation or spectral change and the other is not processed. These two signals are mixed on a vacuum tube.
The valve processing depends on the Mode selection, changing the tube circuit, affecting the tube working point and frequency response. The following modes are available:
+ P - Presence – the higher amount of mid-high frequencies allows better cutting through the mix.
+ V - Vintage – has smoother highs and more even harmonics.
+ B - Brown – has almost flat response with only light high frequencies roll off
and nice higher harmonics punch.
+ W - White – has higher amount of higher frequencies and the ratio between the even and odd harmonics is balanced.
+ L - LoFi – contains less low and high frequencies.

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