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If you want to improve your timing, sharpen your technique, orget inspired by new ideas, Guitar Rhythm & Technique ForDummies breaks down the basics of reading, counting, strumming,and picking rhythms on guitar to make you an ace on the axe in notime. With the help of this friendly guide, you'll learn to playexamples of eighth and sixteenth note rhythms—includingcommon strum patterns heard in popular music—to improve yourguitar rhythm, feel, and timing. Plus, access to audio downloadsand online video lessons complement the coverage presented in thebook, giving you the option of supplementing your reading withadditional visual and audio learning.
There's no denying that guitar is one of the coolest musicalinstruments on the planet. Okay, perhaps undeniably thecoolest. Whether you bow at the feet of Chuck Berry, KeithRichards, the Edge, or Eddie Van Halen, they all have one thing incommon: they make it look incredibly, naturally easy! However,anyone who's actually picked up a guitar knows that mastering rhythm and technique is something that takes a lot ofpractice—not to mention good coaching. Luckily, GuitarRhythm & Technique For Dummies makes your aspirations toplay guitar like the pros attainable with loads of helpfulstep-by-step instruction on everything from mastering hammer-ons,pull-offs, and slides to perfecting your picking—and beyond.
Covers strum patterns, articulations, picking techniques, and more
Showcases musical styles such as pop, rock, blues, folk, and funk
Includes techniques for playing with both your right and left hand
Provides access to online audio tracks and video instruction so you can master the concepts and techniques presented in the book
Whether you're new to guitar or an advanced player looking toimprove your musical timing and skills, Guitar Rhythm &Technique For Dummies quickly gets you in the groove before the rhythm gets you.

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